Lost and Found

lost_golf_ball_near_tree_in_woodsPerusing my area of town during the overly warm winter weekend here in Atlanta, I dropped by nearby Steel Canyon Golf Club to take in the scene.  I plan to finally learn to play golf when Spring arrives, but like to go “people watch” in order to see if there are any other females that frequent this course so as not to be the only one there come springtime.

As I was driving around the outside of the course to the front entrance, I found it interesting how many golf balls ended up well off the course and near the wooded outskirts of the course.  There were dozens upon dozens – more than enough to start quite a large “lost and found” golf ball business if there ever was such a thing.

Once April arrives, I plan to keep my contributions to this collection to a very bare minimum… a beginner can only hope.


Gliding Along Into the New Year


Whew! Finally done with a full, stressful, but productive year of corporate America.  I decided to use my first day off (until the new year – awesomeness!) to de-stress with two of my favorite things – photography and nature.

I hadn’t been over to the Roswell, GA river parks along the Chattahoochee River in a while, so that was my destination yesterday afternoon.

The weather was fairly warm for mid-December (mid-60’s) with beautiful clear skies, which must have been why geese abounded all along the river.  I don’t think I’d seen as many in one place as I had today – their relaxed nature was surely a welcome departure from the hectic  nature of the past couple months.

I’ll have more to share from this visit once I get back in the post-processing groove – that photography break was entirely too long!

Hey There, Little Fella!

I was on a walk here in Atlanta not long ago and came across this wonderful sight – a beautiful young brown bird resting on an empty sidewalk cafe table.

It seemed to not be bothered by me being so nearby and staring at it (I know – staring is rude), so I decided to capture the moment.  The contrast of the mosaic table and red-flowered bush in the background (what’s with me and red flowers off late?) made a nice backdrop to shoot this adorable creature.

It looks like it’s in deep thought about something…  maybe wondering how long before it finally gets cold down South?

Well, little birdie, I’m hoping it stays warm for as long as possible so I can sit out and enjoy the sunny rays just like you’re doing right now.

For the Love of Art… Every Kind Imaginable: Flux Night 2012 Atlanta

I’m so glad I decided to attend Flux Night 2012 a couple weekends ago, put on by the innovative cultural force Flux Projects held amongst the loft-filled streets of historic Castleberry Hill here in Atlanta.  It was a night full of tens of thousands (did I mention it was free?) of visual art lovers viewing commissioned works along the distinct streets of Castleberry Hill.  These public temporary projects represented all shades of art in an experimental fashion:  visual, music, performance, dance, light installations, and much more.

One of the bonus treats were open galleries in the area that I usually don’t get a chance to check out unless there’s a special event such as this.  One such gallery is ZuCot Gallery.   The collections they hosted that evening (they rotate every 6-8 weeks) were creative and inspiring in a way that I hadn’t anticipated.   The energy inside as well as out on the streets was undoubtedly felt by anyone in the midst.  One word, across their gallery windows, summed up what the entire evening was truly all about:  art.

Every time I wonder if my five years since moving back to Atlanta is close to expiring, I come across spaces, events and projects as experienced on this particular night that remind me of how eclectic, cultural, and unique that this city is – it always makes me want to stay yet a little bit longer.

Check out fantastic images and summaries of the projects on Flux Projects‘ page and let me know what you think!  Maybe I’ll see you at next year’s event.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

My last visit to Amelia Island was a much-needed break from the chaos of my corporate and urban life in Atlanta.  I love a chance to enjoy nature and it’s even better when there’s water involved.

On my way to nearby historic American Beach, I was shocked to come across this creature in front of a house near the beach entrance.  Now, I’ve seen my share of turtles from visits to lakes and nature walks by brooks and streams – they are usually so small and cute.

However, this turtle was BIG.  I let him mosey on, of course – we both had a beautiful day at the beach to go and enjoy.

Red Flower Greetings: An Ode to Southern Hospitality

Red is my favorite color.  The vibrancy, warmth and energy is irresistible.  That may have something to do with my being an Aries as well (think: fire sign, ruled by Mars, the red planet).

While walking down a local street, I came across these energetic potted red flowers sitting in front of slightly worn, painted wooden steps leading to a charming Southern porch.  How inviting they were in front of this quaint country home, as if to say, “come on up, rest your feet and have a cool glass of lemonade.”  Just like good ol’ Southern hospitality – being warm and welcoming to unknown visitors.

I didn’t quite stop and smell the flowers, but it sure was nice to stop and smile at them, returning their kind greeting.

Fountain, Flag, Fall…



I decided to spend the beautiful First Day of Fall last weekend enjoying the outdoors in my city.  I happened to be only a couple miles from Downtown Norcross, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta, so I decided to stop by.

Atlanta’s suburb cities are known for their charming and active downtown city centers and Norcross is no different.  Not only are there quaint boutique shops and restaurants where trees and benches to laze away the day abound, but a nearby park only a block up the street caps off this downtown experience.

Approaching the park’s welcoming gates, blue skies, the calming sound of water falling into the park’s beautiful fountain, and cool breezes ever so slightly blowing the American flag towering above invited me to appreciate the moment where I stood.

The comforting views of the South are like food for the soul.