For the Love of Art… Every Kind Imaginable: Flux Night 2012 Atlanta

I’m so glad I decided to attend Flux Night 2012 a couple weekends ago, put on by the innovative cultural force Flux Projects held amongst the loft-filled streets of historic Castleberry Hill here in Atlanta.  It was a night full of tens of thousands (did I mention it was free?) of visual art lovers viewing commissioned works along the distinct streets of Castleberry Hill.  These public temporary projects represented all shades of art in an experimental fashion:  visual, music, performance, dance, light installations, and much more.

One of the bonus treats were open galleries in the area that I usually don’t get a chance to check out unless there’s a special event such as this.  One such gallery is ZuCot Gallery.   The collections they hosted that evening (they rotate every 6-8 weeks) were creative and inspiring in a way that I hadn’t anticipated.   The energy inside as well as out on the streets was undoubtedly felt by anyone in the midst.  One word, across their gallery windows, summed up what the entire evening was truly all about:  art.

Every time I wonder if my five years since moving back to Atlanta is close to expiring, I come across spaces, events and projects as experienced on this particular night that remind me of how eclectic, cultural, and unique that this city is – it always makes me want to stay yet a little bit longer.

Check out fantastic images and summaries of the projects on Flux Projects‘ page and let me know what you think!  Maybe I’ll see you at next year’s event.  🙂


Your Thoughts?

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