Fountain, Flag, Fall…



I decided to spend the beautiful First Day of Fall last weekend enjoying the outdoors in my city.  I happened to be only a couple miles from Downtown Norcross, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta, so I decided to stop by.

Atlanta’s suburb cities are known for their charming and active downtown city centers and Norcross is no different.  Not only are there quaint boutique shops and restaurants where trees and benches to laze away the day abound, but a nearby park only a block up the street caps off this downtown experience.

Approaching the park’s welcoming gates, blue skies, the calming sound of water falling into the park’s beautiful fountain, and cool breezes ever so slightly blowing the American flag towering above invited me to appreciate the moment where I stood.

The comforting views of the South are like food for the soul.



4 thoughts on “Fountain, Flag, Fall…

    • Cool – love that plaza area up there with the amphitheater and restaurants. I’m near Sandy Springs – just so happened to be near Norcross the day I stopped to take this.

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