Fountain, Flag, Fall…



I decided to spend the beautiful First Day of Fall last weekend enjoying the outdoors in my city.  I happened to be only a couple miles from Downtown Norcross, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta, so I decided to stop by.

Atlanta’s suburb cities are known for their charming and active downtown city centers and Norcross is no different.  Not only are there quaint boutique shops and restaurants where trees and benches to laze away the day abound, but a nearby park only a block up the street caps off this downtown experience.

Approaching the park’s welcoming gates, blue skies, the calming sound of water falling into the park’s beautiful fountain, and cool breezes ever so slightly blowing the American flag towering above invited me to appreciate the moment where I stood.

The comforting views of the South are like food for the soul.



See a Quarter, Pick It Up, All Day Long, You’ll Have . . . The Best Life Ever?


About a month ago, I ran into a heads-up penny by my car door as I was about to head out for the day.  Lucky me!

Well today, I found a heads-up QUARTER by my car door upon returning home from work.  25x the one-day good luck of a penny, I would say.

That has to mean that I’m about to have a windfall of luck in all areas of my life, no?  Job, money, relationship, all of it… for the rest of eternity (let’s not get into the details of that calculation… just go with it).

Or am I wrong?  I like my theory on this one.  Besides, I’m also an engineer – we’re always right.


Flying High in the Sky

Spending most days as an engineer, my primary role, complexity inhabits most of what I do and more often how I think even after the workday is over.  So when my birthday came around this year, I wanted nothing more than to take the simple route – a weekend of low-key relaxation at the beach on Tybee Island.

I was thankful that my birthday offered up a clear, sunny sky at the beach filled with the salty ocean air and the perfect wind for kite-flying.   It took a while searching stores, but I finally located a kite and took to the beach.  Once I figured out the assembly, I let it fly, which it did for a few seconds before it crashed.  Hard.  Only 2-3 times did it actually stay in the air for more than a couple of minutes.  The wind pattern was definitely a challenge for my flying skills that day – aeronautical engineering was not my major in school.

But that’s okay – the few minutes I was able to get the kite in the air long enough to sit on one of the wooden swings overlooking the ocean while I enjoyed the cool breeze on my skin, watching my kite soar above the beach, was more than enough birthday celebration for me.

Onward to Fall


As the night begins to cool and football season begins its weekend reign, my anticipation for the fall season grows.  The extensive list of arts festivals and long days in the park without the worry of immediate sunburn are part of the pleasures of living in Atlanta this time of year.

However, if there’s ever a place to truly appreciate fall season in Atlanta, it’s the Tenth Street border of Piedmont Park, the largest park in the city.  The expanses of grass are perfect for flag football with friends or laying out with a book under beautiful skies.  And how can you say no to a lengthy roll down the long hills, such as the one photographed here.

Come fall season, the kid inside of me is grateful for Atlanta being “a city among the hills”.